Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Fillmore Central Elementary School and Fillmore Central High School located?
Fillmore Central Elementary School is located at 702 Chatfield Street, Preston, MN.

Fillmore Central High School is located at 145 Main Avenue South, Harmony, MN.

How many students are enrolled in the Fillmore Central School District?
The student population is as follows:

Elementary School (approx. 300 students) -
High School (approx 250 students)

Who do I call when my child is going to be absent?
Parents are requested to call the appropriate school between 7:45am and 8:30am to report their child absent. If we do not hear from you it is our practice to call your home or work number to ascertain the whereabouts of your child.
Elementary School - (507)765-3809 option 1, or (507)886-6464 option 1
High School - (507)886-6464 option 3, or (507)765-3809 option 3

What are Fillmore Central School Hours?
School Hours are as follows:
Elementary School - 8:15am to 3:08pm
High School - 8:20am to 3:15pm

**Students should not arrive at school before 7:45am and should not remain at school after 3:30pm unless they are in an activity or under the direct supervision of school personnel.

Office hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm.

How can I enroll my child at Fillmore Central?
Parents of students who are to be enrolled at Fillmore Central are asked to first visit our office at the appropriate school. Then we will ask that you fill out the admission paperwork. Parents will need to have a legal copy of their child's birth certificate and immunization records in order to enroll their child. A student's cumulative record will be reviewed to determine grade placement, special provisions and schedule.

How old does my child need to be to attend kindergarten?
Minnesota State Statue require that kindergartners be five years old on or before September 1st of their kindergarten year.

How do I sign up for classes through Community Education?
You may sign up online on the Fillmore Central website. Go to Community Groups, then Community Education.

How do I find out about School Closings?
If school is cancelled, let out early, or has a late start, the following media will be contacted: Radio Stations KQYB, KFIL 1060 AM / 103.1 FM, KROC, KNXR, K-Viking Radio, and Television Stations KTTC and KAAL.
Also, on the home page of the Fillmore Central website, there is a quick link to KROC FM School Closings web page.

Who is the Fillmore Central Athletic Director?
The Athletic Director is Chris Mensink. He may be reached at (507)886-6464, option 1; or (507)765-3809, option 1.

What is the price to attend athletic events?
The price of admission is as follows:
Students - $3.00
Adults - $5.00
Senior Citizens - Free (Passes may be picked up in school offices)
Family Pass (one year) - $140
Single Pass (one year) - Adult - $55 Student - $30