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Friday, February 23rd, 2018



  1. 3rd quarter has started and February is I Love to Read Month.  The goal for 3rd quarter is 208 steps.  The 3rd Quarter Reward will be a movie at the Jem Theatre for those students that reach or exceed the goal.  Good luck and get reading!
  2. Due to the icy conditions, please stay off the sledding hill.  Thanks.
  3. There will be no band lessons for 5th and 6th graders on Thursday and Friday of this week. Mr. Ledin will be at the music teacher's conference in the cities. These students will be excused from their lesson.
  4. Firearm safety classes will begin in March for anyone 11 years of age or older. Classes will be held in the FC elementary cafeteria in Preston from 6:30-8:30 PM on Tuesday and Thursdays in March beginning Tuesday, March 13th. For more information, contact Scott Springer at
  5. Today is an early dismissal at 12:30 pm – we will follow the early dismissal schedule on today and there will be no recess. 
  6. Happy Birthday today to Lily Duesbout and Tannen Toney and to Jabaree Kolter, Tatum Toney, Syrus Wingert, Braden Schlichter, Ethan Kingsley and Jemini Pierce this weekend!!



Lunch Today:

Grilled Cheese or Chicken Patty

Tomato Soup

Green Beans


Fruit and Veggie Bar




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