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Calm, Cool, Connected

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Calm, Cool, Connected

date 09/17/2019 author Heather Stockdale category Uncategorized comment Leave a comment

Hello, Parents!

I don't know about you, but I am completely enjoying the start of fall. Our oldest, Israel, started preschool with Ms. Cari this year and is loving it. Ryan (3 1/2) has gotten to farm with his dad, grandpa, and uncle while Israel is at school. He told me he had a lot of work to get done. Indeed, Ryan! Miss Anna, as she is affectionately known in our house, is almost 8 months (where did that time go?!) and usually sleeps while her brothers are off having lives. It's been a good transition for all - so I consider this a win! PLUS, now that it's getting darker earlier, everyone is actually agreeable to going to bed! 

The Fall Session of ECFE has begun and these 8 weeks will center around being CALM, COOL, and CONNECTED.

CALM - The last 15 years of neuro (brain) science have been FASCINATING. This week we watched a quick, 2-minute video on NEUROPLASTICITY - the term that describes the fact that our brains can indeed change (think habits and thought patterns) all throughout our lives. You can access that video here

Did you know that simply bending forward (with your head below your heart) releases chemicals in your brain that help calm you down? Try it! And don't forget to breathe! We'll talk about various ways to calm ourselves and our kids when life gets stressful.

COOL - We all have activities and routines in our homes that are special to us. They add to our family culture and make it "cool" to be a part of our respective families. We will be sharing and exploring ways to enhance our family lives through these "cool" things. (For example, when I was growing up, my dad made pancakes on many Saturday mornings. The smell, the taste, and the emotions of connecting with him and the rest of the family is still a fond memory and defined part of our family culture.) There is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to parenting, but hearing what is fun and what works for others is invaluable.

CONNECTED - Whether you have one child or many, connecting with each of them is so important. We will take some time at each class to hear about how parents are connecting to their children in meaningful ways. No matter what you choose to do, there are many times throughout a day, (even for working parents!) that can be times to connect. Give it some thought...I bet there are already a bunch of ways you're already doing this!

Staying CALM, COOL, and CONNECTED will ultimately build CULTURE in your home. You are building a family culture whether you realize it or not. However, by giving it a bit of thought and consistent practice, you can create a culture that uniquely suits you and your children.

Parenting can be challenging, but so rewarding. You're not in it alone. Please join us at ECFE classes and/or events to connect with other parents in the district. You'll be glad you did! You can register here.

You got this!

Maria Klingsheim (Fillmore-Central Parent Educator)

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