I have been working in the arts for 20+ years. Last year I made a career change and earned my Master of Arts in Instruction from Saint Mary's University, and I am thrilled to be in the classroom this year teaching K-6 students at Fillmore Central Elementary School. I will also be teaching 3rd grade reading and coordinating the GATE program. 

In Art, we will be working to fulfill the Minnesota academic standards in the Visual Arts, through five broad components: 

1) Composition - What is it I am making?
2) Craftsmanship - How well am I doing something?
3) Creativity - Is it unique? Am I using my own ideas?
4) Reflection - What do I think about my work? What would I change? What do I think about someone else's work? Why?
5) Identification of the elements and principles of art - Color, line, shape, texture, space, value, form (elements); Rhythm/movement/pattern, balance, emphasis, contrast, repetition (principles). 

All FC elementary students have Art once a week for a 50-minute class period all year long. 


Ms. Sara Baskett

PS Here are some things about me - I love being outside in all kinds of weather and doing outdoorsy things like bicycle riding, hiking, camping, and rock collecting. I also like traveling and exploring new cities, countries, small towns, state/national parks and forests. I love doing these things with my family as well as supporting them in whatever they're passionate about (sports, music, theater, etc.) - I have five kids ages 21, 18, 14, 11, and 9, a dog (puggle), a cat, and a husband. 


Contact: Sara Baskett
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