Welcome Back!!

Hello, My name is Geri Himlie.  I am the special education teacher for the fourth through sixth grade at the elementary and the science teacher at Root River Program this year. I am very excited about getting back to teaching science for the last part of my day after instructing other classes for the past few years. I love the world around us and believe all people need to understand how we are only a small part of the larger scale of life. Decisions we make in our daily lives can affect the world around us. We need to understand the world we live in, what it includes, and how it relates to its parts. If you have any questions concerning special education at the elementary or the science program at Root River please feel free to contact me at either site.  My phone number at Root River is 507-886-2636 and at the elementary 507-765-3809 Ext. 2102.

Contact: Geri Himlie