MN Project Guidelines

Due:  May 19, 2017


Rationale – The purposes of the Minnesota Project are as follows:

  • Focus Learning on the home state of Minnesota

  • Provide instruction and practice in the use of resources and technology.

  • Provide instruction and practice in the research writing process.

  • Celebrate the diverse state we live in!


Project Guidelines- All dates are approximate and may change!

                         Projects will be graded on the following:

1. Overall Project   

*follows guidelines

*shows good writing and spelling skills

*neatness of product – typed, double spaced

*accurate and thorough reporting



2. Cover and Binding   

*original idea – be creative

*sturdy and holds materials


3.  Table of Contents   

*sections clearly labeled

*information organized reasonably

*page numbers correct


4.  History of Minnesota  

*Famous Minnesotans - typed report, in your own words, at least one page in length on an important person in the history of MN

*timeline of Minnesota’s history and development   

--give a brief explanation of events in your own words

*driftless area ad

*European explorers graphic novel

*travel brochure for 1900

*Broken Blade novel packet

*Little House novel packet

*MN land buyers web

*Railroad ABC chart


5.  Maps of Minnesota  

--mark where you live on each map with a star

--title each map

*map of important cities in MN (at least 15)

*map of important rivers and lakes in MN

*map of Fillmore County with cities, important highways and Root River labeled

*map of important locations

*map of land regions

*map of Indian reservations

*map of archaeological sites in MN

*map of America’s changing borders after Louisiana Purchase


6.  Area of Focus  

*research a topic of interest to you

*type an in depth report (2-3 pages) on a teacher approved subject in your own     words

*use pictures, articles, maps or brochures to help show information

*include why this area interested you and why it’s important to our state


7.  State Symbols and Statistics    

*state statistics page (land area, population and fun facts)

*state symbols –

-- clearly label each item  ie. “State Bird Loon”

-- can be drawn and colored, postcard, magazine, photocopied or the item

-- identify each symbol with a picture


8.  Government in Minnesota  

*explain the three branches of state government and their duties

*explain in your own words how a bill becomes a law

*list present elected officials for the state:  Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, state representatives, state senators, U.S. representatives and U.S. senators


9.  Resources of Minnesota

*Agriculture -- typed one page report describing MN agriculatural products and statistics

*Manufacturing --collage of products

*Mining --typed one page report describing types of mining done in MN

*Tourism --typed one page report telling about tourism as an industry in MN

*Lumber --typed one page report telling about logging as an industry in MN


10.  Native Americans in MN

*Four season drawing

*Dakota War report - approx 1 page

*Native Americans today activity


11.  MN at War

*Revolutionary War report - approx 1 page

*The Star Spangled Banner lyrics flag

*Civil War KWL chart

*History Frame on WWI

*Front Page newspaper for WWII


12.  NOTES

*notes are graded - make sure they are organized and securely placed in your project  


    • Your project must be typed

                              --use class time provided and after school computer lab hours

                              --all reports are to be size 12 font, double spaced with 1” margins

    • Clearly label all parts of your project

    • Always put information in your own words

                               --IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO COPY FROM A RESOURCE!!!!!

    • Stick to the guidelines and put the project together in the correct order

    • Use notecards (not notebook paper) for ALL the reports and areas of the project.  They will be turned in and graded with your completed project. NEVER copy and just “change” some of the wording for your project.  That is NOT the research process.


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