Why Art?
Mrs. Carrie Mathison

I feel as artists, we have been given a gift and we are to use and develop this gift.  I have been blessed with this gift of creative ability and I strive to use this gift to then investigate and discover it in other everyday. 
I Personally find art as a way to capture creation around me.  My personal art depicts or uses that of the earth, whether this is pottery or landscape oil painting.  Although this is my personal niche in art, I am not limited to this.  As a teacher my goal is to probe each students artist ability, no matter what level it is at, develop it, challenge it, and strengthen their creativity so that they may ultimately leave the art classroom stronger than when they came in.  Yes, I do hope they leave with stronger technical ability (drawing, value use, blending, etc.), but I also hope they will ultimately discover their own style and preferences in art. 
May each student advance in creativity, release fears, trust themselves, gain courage to take risks, experiment, explore, and in the end find the style and voice that is theirs in art.  All art is to be unique, never finished and ultimately thought provoking through it's meaning and message.  

Drawing & Painting
High School Elective Course

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