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YouTube is a great way to publish video, but it's not designed for kids under 13.  With this in mind, YouTube videos created by and for Fillmore Central will be linked directly from this page.

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  The Flipped Librarian

Episode 2
Top 10 Ways to Find a Good Book

Episode 1
Welcome to the first episode of The Flipped Librarian.

Episode 3
Using the Destiny Library Catalog

Episode 4
This demonstrates TeleStory, a fun app to show what you know.

Episode 5
This is actually a TouchCast example and lesson from last year entitled "Real or Fake".
It deals with determining if something is real on the internet, but it also demonstrates some of the features of TouchCast.

Episode 6
Order in the Library  
This episode starts with an introduction using the Chatterpix app.
Then it shows how to get to the Order in the Library website game for practicing putting library books in the correct order.

Episode 7
Clifford PSA created with the Chatterpix app.  This is another way to show what you know by animating a mouth on any picture.  It could even be a picture you've created yourself!

Here's an episode within an episode.  More Chatterpix!

Episode 8
This episode uses TouchCast to link to a Destiny Resource List, Encyclopedia Britannica, and ELM resources inspired by the need for information about Martin Luther King Jr.

Episode 9
A high five for the fourth grade!

Episode 10 Research
This is the video I made after a bunch of sixth graders had questions about finding information for their science project.

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