Ms. Gerri Nielsen
Teaches English 8, English 9, and English 11.

Advises "Highlights in Review" radio show and co-advises sophomore class.

Check Schoology for daily assignments, syllabus, quizzes, recordings of literature, and more.

Check JMC for scores and grades.
English 11
Grade: 11 Prerequisite: English 10 (May be taken concurrently with English 10.) Course Description: Students will read American literature (short stories, book excerpts, poems, speeches, essays, pamphlets), novels (Of Mice and Men or Huckleberry Finn), drama (Our Town and The Crucible). They will also write essays and a daily journal. In addition, they will be taught vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and usage, as needed.
English 9
Grade: 9 Prerequisite: Middle School English Course Description: Students will read short stories and a novel (To Kill a Mockingbird). Dramas will include Romeo and Juliet. Epic will be The Odyssey. Students may write book reports and complete a poetry unit. They will also write essays, short assignments, poetry, and a daily journal. In addition, there will also be an assessment of basic grammar skills, spelling, and vocabulary.
English 8
English 8. Prerequisite: English 7. Students practice and apply skills to lead to mastering the Minnesota ELA standards. In literature, they read short stories, drama, novels (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, I Am Malala, The Outsiders), poetry, and more. In language, they practice punctuation, sentence basics, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar basics. In writing, they write the Patriot's Pen essay for the local VFW club, and they write a variety of essays and journals.

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