Here are links to a few of the websites that we have used in class:

Classics for Kids - This website has lots of information about musical terms and composers, and also several music games to help with composing and note reading!

Whack - A - Note - This is a fun note reading game that tests how fast you can identify notes on the staff in either treble of bass clef!

Incredibox - A game where you can combine different beat boxing patterns to make your own cool songs! 

Isle of Tune - Create your own musical island!

Drum Machine - Create your own drumbeats!

Tonematrix - An easy way to create some very cool melodies

Google Experiments - Many musical experiments that use your camera, microphone, or touchscreen

Chrome Music Lab - Even more musical experiments that use your camera, microphone, touchscreen, or just your mouse!

LoopLabs - A free online loop song maker - similar to GarageBand

Mario Paint Music Composer - Make music by putting different pictures on the music staff

Tips for Piano Players - If you play piano this is a helpful resource with tips and advice about posture and wrist and arm position. 

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