School Readiness News Release

We are happy to invite you to attend Fillmore Central’s School Readiness Program for children 3/4 and 4/5 years of age.

The goal of school readiness is to provide children with successful starts through healthy nurturing learning environments. Our teachers use research based curriculum to teach your child important skills they will need for kindergarten. Fillmore Central School Readiness uses "Splash Into Pre-K" curriculum, and we are excited to implement this well known school readiness series.

We offer two-3/4 school readiness with a Monday/Wednesday session and a Tuesday/Thursday session from 8:15am -10:15am. 

We offer three-4/5 school readiness classes with Monday-Friday class from 8:15-11:15 and a Monday/Wednesday/Friday;  we offer an AM session (8:15am-11:15am) or PM session (12:10pm-3:10pm)

Please contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to offering you and your child a positive learning experience.

or 507-765-3809

Contact: Angi Kaase