Matthew Patterson

Welcome to the Fillmore Central Elementary K-6 Music Page!

The K-4 and 5-6 winter concert is coming up on Monday, December 16th. Check out the "Concerts" page for more information!

Here is a little of what we will be working on this year:


  • How to find the steady beat

  • How to find our singing voices

  • High sounds and low sounds

  • How to use classroom instruments


1st Grade

  • What are “Sol” and “Mi”?

  • Ta, ti-ti, and rests - Rhythms!

  • Is steady beat different than rhythm?


2nd Grade

  • Reading “Sol”, “Mi”, and “La” on the music staff

  • New rhythms!

  • New solfege!

  • Loud and soft sounds

3rd Grade

  • New rhythms!

  • Reading solfege on the music staff

  • Melody vs. harmony


4th Grade

  • Composers of the month

  • Learn about the music staff

  • Learn note names



5th and 6th Grade

  • Composers of the month

  • Explore different genres of music

  • Sight-reading with solfege

  • Developing our singing voice

  • Sing two-part music using sheet music

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