K-8 Supply List 2008-2009

• a box of 8 crayons (please only 8-the size should be thin)
• #2 pencils
• large eraser
• scissors, Fiskars are recommended
• small glue bottle
• 3 glue sticks
• pencil box large enough to hold items listed above- not super sized
• large box of Kleenex
• resting rug that can be rolled up and kept at school
• paint shirt ( a large T-shirt works best)
• extra pants, underwear and socks in a labelled sack
First Grade
• scissors, Fiskars are recommended
• 12-#2 pencils
• Pencil end erasers
• 3 Twin pocket folders
• box of crayons (16 or 24)
• 1 large bottle of Elmer’s white glue
• 4 glue sticks
• small pencil box
• 3 spiral notebooks (non-perforated pages)
• 3 large pink erasers
• large box of Kleenex
• paint shirt (a large T-shirt works best)
• washable markers
• Boys-regular size band-aids
• Girls-freezer zip-lock bags (1 gallon size)
• $5.00 for party money
Second Grade
• scissors-sharp end
• box of crayons (16 or 24)
• large eraser
• bottle of Elmer’s glue
• 4 folders with bottom pockets only
• washable markers
• 2 spiral wide line notebook
• large box of Kleenex
• small box of Band-Aids
• pencil box
• 12 #2 pencils
• Paint shirt (a large T-shirt works best)
Third Grade
• 8-#2 pencils
• highlighter
• box of crayons
• 5 spiral notebooks(wide line) No Trapper Keepers-desk are to small
• glue
• scissors-sharp end
• zipper pencil pouch, No pencil boxes-desks are too small
• 5 folders with pockets
• large eraser
• 12 inch ruler
• washable markers
• 2 ink pens
• large box of Kleenex

Fourth Grade
• #2 pencils (several for the year)
• box of crayons (24 or 48 count)
• 5 notebooks- wide line
• calculator
• scissors
• glue stick
• ink pens (blue, red, and black)
• large box of Kleenex
• 1 accordion folder
• eraser
• ruler
• markers/colored pencils
• pencil box-large enough to hold items listed , not super sized
• No Trapper Keeper - desks are too small
• Highlighter

Tennis shoes: We strongly urge students to wear shoes with shoestrings or velcro. Please no shoes with zippers or shoes without backs. These types of shoes have caused injuries.

Headphones for elementary computer lab. The headphones use a 1/8” plug.

Please mark these items with your child’s name.
Clothing where possible should also be labelled.
Students are expected to supply these items as needed.


Grades 5 & 6: 4 separate packages of pencils, 1 package of blue or black pens, 2-5 Subject notebooks, 6 two pocket folders w/holes for binder, pencil pouch for binder, 3 ringed zippered binders, crayons, markers, 2 highlighters, colored pencils, scissors, 2 glue sticks, ruler (standard and metric), erasers, calculator*, 1 large box of Kleenex to be shared throughout the year, and 2 book covers for math/reading, locker shelves-optional
*calculators need to be large enough for fingers and of good quality
*calculators are a requirement and the school does not provide them
Grade 6: notecards and something to secure them together (such as a larger binder clip)

Grade 7 & 8: Pencils, red and blue pens, eraser, scissors, notebooks, glue, ruler,(with English & Metric measurements), 3 highlighters, 3”X 5” cards, colored pencils, box of Kleenex, a folder with pockets for each class, scientific calculator with fraction function (one used is: Texas Instrument 30XA)

7th/8th Grade Phy Ed: Students will need the following items including a pair of shoes: A pair of shorts, t-shirt, sweatpants, sweatshirt, towel, shampoo, and deodorant.

Backpacks need to fit in lockers.

Please keep in mind that other supplies may be needed or replaced as the school year goes along. Students may also be asked to pay a fee in some of their classes. Information will come home from the instructor when this is going to happen.

Contact: Brenda Ristau