Community Education Staff

Community Education Staff
Director: Angi Kaase

Daycare Coordinator: Nissa Knapp
Daycare Lead Teachers: Mary Fredrickson, Sydney Huffman, Sheila Lecy, Katie Kerns, & Lori Weiss
Daycare Teacher Assistants: Genny Hanson, Kelly Doherty, Katie Lobland, Amy Means, April Royet, & Ellie Skaggs

ECFE Coordinator: Heather Stockdale
Early Childhood Educator; Parent Facilitator: Maria Klingsheim
Early Childhood Educator; Child Facilitator:  Heather Stockdale

GED Instructor: Joe O'Koren -- Pathways to Success

Horizons (Adults With Disabilities)Coordinator: Louis Suckow

SAC Coordinator: Janeen Wingert
SAC Lead Teachers: Amanda Heibel, Jessica Marzolf & Janeen Wingert
‚ÄčSAC Teacher Assistants: Kelsey Berg, Cassidy Hanson & Emma Breitspecher

School Readiness Coordinator: Tara Corson
4/5 School Readiness Teachers:  Jessica Marzolf & Cari Ledin
4/5 School Readiness Teacher Assistants: Amanda Heibel & Jessica Bredberg
3/4 School Readiness Teacher: Tara Corson
3/4 School Readiness Teacher Assistant: Heather Stockdale

Youth Enrichment Coordinator: Traci Assmus

Summer Rec Coordinator: Kaitlynn Aug

Contact: Angi Kaase
Our school has partnered with Teachers on Call to fill our Substitute Teacher and Paraprofessional positions. Click for more information.
District Office:                 P.O. Box 50
700 Chatfield St. Preston, MN 55965
High School:                     P.O. Box 599
145 Main Ave. S Harmony, MN 55939
Elementary:                     P.O. Box 50
702 Chatfield St. Preston, MN 55965
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