"Highlights in Review" Radio Show 2022-2023

Radio Show started in 1968 as the "Preston-Fountain High School Highlights in Review Show." It was started because community members requested that students start some type of news program so the community would know what was happening at the high school.

Now featuring all the events from Fillmore Central High School comprised of Preston, Fountain, and Harmony, MN, the "Highlights in Review" radio show has commenced its 55th season.

It was originally advised by Mr. Robert O'Reilly every year until his retirement in 1998, when Ms. Gerri Nielsen stepped in.

Students in Radio Show learn how to find information about events happening at the school in order to report the news.  They gain practice in one of humanity's greatest fears--public speaking.  They also gain skills in time management, improvisation, and gaining respect for their colleagues' talents and hard work. The bonuses are having a great time with friends, eating occasional tasty snacks, and competing for a trophy at the end of the year!

We're very proud of our alumni cast members who participated in radio in college and made broadcasting/journalism part of their careers:

2002 grad Emily Torgrimson
2005 grad Gabe Erickson
2008 grad Paula Skaggs
2014 grad Kirby O'Connor

Every year there has been a various number of students participating. This year, there are 12 seniors and 3 juniors. 

The show can be heard every Saturday morning right before "Coaches' Corner." It starts at 9:30 A.M. on KFIL 1060 AM. REMEMBER TO TUNE IN THIS SATURDAY!  You can also access the show from the school web site.  Find the shortcut on the main page in the Community box.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about our weekly show! Thanks for listening!

Contact: Gerri Nielsen
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