How does Speech work?

Speech team works like wrestling or golf;  each catagory is an individual event that accumulates points for the team except all ages are on varsity. Students can win awards for themselves and hopefully, as a team, we can also earn awards.

When we register for tournaments, we ask the students to sign up ahead of time. They can pick and choose which tournaments they want to go to. Since they are all on Saturdays, not everyone can go to every meet.

The conference meet is very important and we always want a strong team that day. Being an individual conference champ is very exciting! Plus, the points the team earns could give us a team championship.

The sub section meet is the first elimination meet. If you do not place in the top four, you do not move on to the section meet.
The top three at section move on to the state meet. Unlike sports, the whole team cannot move from subsection and so on.

The days get long, but we have loads of fun! We can leave as early as 6AM and get home around four o'clock. Some trips are much shorter.
Each student competes in two or three rounds for different judges. After all the rounds are finished, the points are tallied, and the top 6 to 10 speakers earn awards. These points are tallied and teams with the most points get awards too.
Speakers need to bring their own lunch or money to use at the concession stand. Plus, we love to stop for ice cream after meets!

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