Elementary Education with "Miz Xavi"

(Ms. Sara Xavier, formerly known as Ms. Baskett)

All FC elementary students have Art once a week for a 50-minute class period all year long. 

In Art, we will be working to fulfill the Minnesota academic standards in the Visual Arts, focusing on three main components in the classroom: 
1) Art Creation & Process:
- What is it I am making? . . . What is the "stuff" in the picture or sculpture?
     Craftsmanship - What is my quality of work?
     Creativity - Am I using my own ideas? Is it unique and different from others?
2) Reflection - What do I think about my work? What would I change? What do I think about someone else's work? Why?  . . . What do I think about art in our culture?
3) Identification of the Elements and Principles of art -
     Elements - the "stuff" in the picture (or 3D art) - color, line, texture, space, value, shape/form
     Principles - how we USE the Elements - rhythm/movement/pattern, balance, emphasis, contrast, repetition 


Qualifying students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades will be selected to receive GATE services (and in some cases, students in younger grades). Selection is based on a combination of AimsWeb and MCA test scores, classroom performance, and teacher recommendation. Selected students receive individual and/or small group instruction with the goal of increased educational challenge outside the regular classroom. GATE services focus on developing strategy-building and problem-solving skills, creativity, depth of learning, math/science connections, economics skills, and communications skills.

Nationwide, GATE is an acronym for "Gifted and Talented Education". Student services vary across districts and states. Here is one helpful resource with many pages and links about gifted education:
Hoagies' Gifted Education Page

Kindergarten Social Skills 
Using the Second Step program, I am meeting with each kindergarten class once a week for a 25-minute period. Second Step is a research-based, teacher-informed, and classroom-tested program that promotes the social-emotional development, safety, and well-being of children. Students learn to identify their own feelings and the feelings of others, and to make decisions based on those feelings.

Meet your teacher: 
Growing up in Minneapolis, MN and Mason City, IA, I was always interested in exploring creative things (visual arts, music, theater), and I earned my B.A. in Art Theory & Practice and Art History at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL). I have been working in the arts for 20+ years, with my first career in nonprofit arts administration in Santa Fe, NM, Rochester, MN, and Lanesboro, MN. In 2016 I made a career change and earned my Master of Arts in Instruction from Saint Mary's University. I am thrilled to be in the classroom now, teaching K-6 students at Fillmore Central Elementary. I also teach GATE and kindergarten Social Skills.

More about me: I love being outside in all kinds of weather and doing outdoorsy things like bicycle riding, hiking, tent camping, kayking, and rock collecting. I also like traveling and exploring new cities, countries, small towns, and state/national parks and forests. I especially like finding public sculpture wherever I go, and I make my own art of various kinds at home. I love doing things with my family as well as supporting them in whatever they're passionate about (sports, music, theater, etc.) - I have three (grown/teenage) children, a dog (puggle), and a cat. 

Contact: Sara Xavier
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