In Art, we are doing all sorts of things to promote creative right-brain thinking.
Did you know creating art helps reduce stress and anxiety? Creating art also helps our brains make connections and improves our concentration in other areas of learning (math, reading, science, social studies etc.). Check out this link to learn more about reasons why art is good for us. Here's another link about a study showing how art makes you healthier, even if you're "not good" at it! 

What we are doing in K-6 Art:
  • Creating original art pieces!
    • paint - watercolor, acrylic, tempera
    • resist materials - crayon, oil pastel
    • ink - pens, and various kinds of printmaking using additive or reductive (carving away) techniques 
    • pastels - chalk, oil pastel 
    • pencil - graphite, colored 
    • mixed media - wire, fiber and fabric, felt, buttons, paper, wood pieces . . .
  • Experimenting with materials and methods
  • Presenting our artwork to small groups or the whole class
  • Offering respectful and meaningful feedback to peers through practicing Accountable Talk 
  • Practicing self-assessment about our own work, through writing Artist Statements and completing a Self-Assessment following each art creation unit
  • Learning about art-related current events
  • Going on a virtual museum tour with our new classroom SmartScreen
  • Learning about famous or not-so-famous art and artists from various cultures
  • Thinking about why people make art, why people like or don't like art, and why art is important in cultures here and around the world
  • Identifying the Elements and Principles of Art as we review our own creations or those of other artists
I am always looking for items for potential art creations! If you have something interesting at home you'd like to donate to FC K-6 Art, please let me know. Examples might include fabric scraps, buttons, small hardware, small wood scraps (2" - 4" or so), markers, foam stickers, bendable wire, mat board, and foam core. ALSO - If you are out and about exploring and come across a neat public art sculpture or mural, please take a picture and send it to me via email so I can share this with the class.

Thanks for supporting our students in their creative and all other endeavors at FC!


Ms. Sara Xavier
"Miz Xavi"


Contact: Sara Xavier
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