Minnesota Rule 8710.7200 Clock Hour Requirements:

Definition: "Clock hour" means an hour of actual instruction, supervised group activities, or planned individual professional development. Except for teaching experiences that are directly designed to experience teaching students of different socioeconomic, cultural, or other diversity factors - clock hours are not to be granted for teaching that requires licensure. One hour of participation = one clock hour unless an exception is provided in these guidelines. Allowable time excludes travel time, meals, breaks, faculty meetings, etc.

*** Clock hour requests must be made within one year of completion of the experience.

  • Verification by the local continuing education/relicensure committee that the applicant has completed 125 approved clock hours in required for renewal.
  • Instruction and professional development activities must meet requirements to renew licenses only if they address one or more of the standards in part 8710.2000.
  • Effective for renewal of continuing licenses which expire on June 30, 2001, and after, applicants must include in their 125 clock hours instruction or other professional development activities which address positive behavioral intervention to appropriately meet the needs of varied students in achieving graduation standards.
  • Verification of completion of experiences must be submitted by the applicant to the local committee. Clock hours must be earned in two or more of the categories A to I:

A. relevant coursework completed at accredited colleges and universities;
  • each quarter credit = 16 clock hours
  • each semester credit = 24 clock hours

B. educational workshops, conferences, institutes, seminars, or lectures in areas
    appropriate to licenses held as verified by certificate of attendance or written
    statement from workshop sponsor;

C. staff development activities, in-service meetings and courses as verified by

D. site, district, regional, state, national, or international curriculum development;

E. engagement in peer coaching or mentorship relationships with colleagues that
    addresses one or more of the standard in part 8710.2000;

F. professional service in the following areas;
  1. supervision of clinical experiences of persons enrolled in teacher preparation programs;
  2. participation on national, state, and local committees involved with licensure, teacher education, or professional standard; or
  3. participation in national, regional, or state accreditation;
G. leadership experiences in the following areas;
  1. development of new or broader skills and sensitivities to the school, community, or profession;
  2. publication of professional articles in a professional journal in an appropriate field; or
  3. volunteer work in professional organizations related to the areas of licensure held;
H. opportunities to enhance knowledge and understanding of diverse educational
    settings in the following areas;
  1. experiences with students of another age, ability, culture, or socioeconomic level; or
  2. systematic, purposeful observation during visits to schools and to related business and industry; and
I. pre-approval travel or work experience;
  1. travel for purpose of improving instructional capabilities related to the field of licensure; or
  2. work experience in business or industry related to areas of licensure.

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