Fillmore Central Public Schools has conducted planned abatement actions regarding removal of Asbestos Containing Materials in its facilities in Harmony and Preston. The Fillmore Central Public Schools has contracted with A & F Consulting Group, Inc. to provide environmental consulting services.
The complete updated Asbestos Management plan for Houston Public Schools can be found in the district office. The Management Plan can also be viewed during normal working hours.  Copies can be obtained for a fee of $.25 per page.
Any questions concerning this notice or an explanation of our Asbestos Management Plan can be directed to Brett Bushman at 507.886.6464.
Fillmore Central Public Schools has developed an indoor air quality management plan for the District that is in compliance with the Minnesota Department of Health and MN Department of Education.  The management plan addresses policies and procedures that will be used in the schools to address indoor air quality issues.  The indoor air quality committee had the Health and Safety Committee review the management plan and the Board of Education approved the plan as a part of Attachment 99 (guidelines for Health & Safety).
If you have any questions concerning indoor air quality, or would like to use the EPA Tools for Schools checklists, please contact the District Indoor Air Quality Coordinator, Brett Bushman at 507.886.6464.
Our school has partnered with Teachers on Call to fill our Substitute Teacher and Paraprofessional positions. Click for more information.
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Elementary:                     P.O. Box 50
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