5th Grade Science

We will begin the year exploring the scientific process and the tools that we will need in order to complete the scientific process. Learning this process will set up for the units we will cover throughout the year including: motion, simple machines, the Earth's changing surface, energy, ecosystems, and adaptations. We will also be looking at how people work with the Earth and our effect on it.  Each one of us will get an opportunity to be an actual scientist throughout the year.

Here is a link to a cool science game site if you'd like your kids to get a jump start on some science topics they will be learning in the future: http://possibleworlds.edc.org/

CNN Heroes: https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/30/world/cnn-heroes-top-ten-2019/index.html

Food Chain Links
Whole Class Activities: https://ecokids.ca/swf-files/gamesPage/chain_reaction.swf ;

Individual Activities: 

Do this last link if you have extra time - the first 6 games are all connected to our current unit

Science MCA Practice: https://mn.testnav.com/client/index.html#login?username=LGN255865382&password=X4UES6LA
Simple Machine Links
Garage: http://cashmancuneo.net/flashgames/house-garage-resize%5B1%5D.swf
Bedroom: http://cashmancuneo.net/pictures/simple/ssbr.swf
Kitchen: http://cashmancuneo.net/pictures/simple/sskit.swf
Bathroom: http://cashmancuneo.net/pictures/simple/comp.swf

Compound Machines: http://cashmancuneo.net/pictures/simple/comp.swf


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