Fillmore Central



All students will graduate as life-long learners with the knowledge, skills, and character needed to succeed in our communities and global society.


In partnership with our parents, our communities, and our staff, Fillmore Central Schools will inspire students to reach high standards through academics, arts, activities, and leadership opportunities.

Belief Statements: We believe...

that all students are entitled to and can learn best through a high-quality


that each student is a unique individual and must be provided learning opportunities that inspire achievement at his/her personal best.

in being pro-actively involved in assuring the readiness of our students to begin their educational journeys.

that active partnerships between the school, our families, and our communities are essential to the attainment of relevant educational goals.

that assessment of student progress should be relevant and useful in guiding instruction to ensure learning.

that highly qualified educators are a key to student success.

that safe, inviting, well-maintained schools are vital for education.

that students must be provided technological resources to prepare for the challenges and opportunities in the future.

that maintaining the confidentiality of all student data is essential.

District-Wide Goals:

Provide a school readiness program that equips all students with the social and cognitive abilities needed to be ready to start kindergarten.

Provide the appropriate resources needed for every student to succeed at every grade level.

Utilize effective instructional techniques and strategies to optimize student engagement and success.

Support the growth and development of our professional learning staff.

Assist students in the development and ownership of his or her individual lifelong learning plan.

Manage the district fiscal resources in a prudent manner that maximizes educational opportunities for students and retains valued employees.

World’s Best Workforce 2017-­18 Goals

All Students Ready for Kindergarten

  • The percentage of students eligible to enter kindergarten in the fall of 2018 who are “Ready” according to School Readiness assessments (social and cognitive readiness) or on the Kindergarten Readiness Test (cognitive readiness) will be maintained at at least 90%.

All Students in Third Grade Achieving Grade­Level Literacy

  • The percentage of third-grade students scoring as proficient on the Minnesota state reading assessment will be at least 80% in the spring of 2018.

Close the Achievement Gap(s) Among All Groups


  • The proficiency gap between the non-free and reduced price lunch (non-FRP) and the free and reduced price lunch (FRP) for all students at Fillmore Central on all state reading accountability tests (MCA, MOD, MTAS) will be 5% or less in the spring of 2018.


All Students Career­ and College­Ready by Graduation

  • The percentage of eighth-grade students scoring as proficient on the Minnesota state math assessment will be at least 65% in the spring of 2018.


  • The 4-year graduation rate for all students at Fillmore Central will be at least 90% for 2017.

Contact: Richard Keith