This is our daily schedule the activity we do and what we are learning. 

Arrival, morning routine and table time: during this time each preschool will put their belongings away and get folder and blue book bag out, answer the question of the day, sign in (practice writing their name), and then go to the table to work on the activity at their table. During table time preschoolers are learning various social skills, literacy, math, science, art, and/or fine motor concepts/skills. The activities are often connected to our weekly theme.  

S.M.A.R.T is a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning that is designed to develop and enhance the critical readiness skills preschoolers need to succeed in school. S.M.A.R.T activities develop and enhance children's large and fine motor muscle skills, visual perception, eye-hand coordination, and auditory skills. 

Morning meeting: We start with a Brain start smart, which is unite doing a greeting together, connect doing an I love your ritual, disengage stress by doing a breathing activity, and commitment we choose a daily commitment on what we are going to do to help keep the classroom safe. Daily commitments are choosing to have safe hands, kind words, safe feet, listening ears, and watching eyes. We review the calendar and schedule and talk about our day.  Then we will read our message of the day to build literacy skills. 

Movement & Music: during this time, we dance, rhymes, instruments, and/or use of gross motor skills. Through music we build and learn various language skills. phonemic awareness, math concepts, music, social skills, and gross motor skills. 

Large group: this time we meet and discuss the weekly theme and what we will be doing for the day in small groups. 

Small group: we divide into two groups one group will work on language and the other group will learn about math then we switch. During language small group preschoolers are working on their letters, handwriting, rhyming, beginning sounds, syllabus, and journals. During math preschoolers are working on number knowledge and writing, sorting, patterning, shapes, positional words, comparing numbers, measurement, and combining sets. 

Gym/outside: we do various gross motor activities to help develop gross motor skill. These skills are set up around the playground or in the gym.  

Snack/Story: Snack time will give the preschool opportunity to have small group conversations at the table, learn table manner, and skills pour their own milk. After snack they have a chance to go look at a book at the carpet. During this time, they will learn how to care for a book. Then we read a book as a class; the book may be theme related or a book the children have pick to read. 

Center/play: during this time preschoolers pick a center they want to work in with friends or independently. Preschoolers can change centers as they wish. Some of our centers are blocks, discovery, library, pretend/dramatic play, art, sensory bins, and writing/drawing. New themed activities are added to each center weekly. Skills and concepts preschoolers are learning during this time are literacy, math, science, art, fine motor, and social skills. 

Closing meeting: we may play a smart board game, dance or music activity, we are revisit what we did during the day and talk about the next day. We end our day with a good-bye song as a group. 

Dismissal: Preschool learn the routine for the end of the day. Get their bag pack and get their belonging on. 

Our school has partnered with Teachers on Call to fill our Substitute Teacher and Paraprofessional positions. Click for more information.
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