MSHSL Concussion Insurance Program

The Minnesota State High School League provides all its member schools and their students with a free Concussion Insurance Program which is specifically developed to insure student participants from the high cost of concussion treatment and neurological follow-up.   The injury must be sustained while the student is participating in an MSHSL covered event.  All students are eligible for coverage in grades 7 through 12, participating in activities, practice or play of sports, at the Varsity, Junior Varsity, B-Squad, and Sophomore level sponsored by the MSHSL.   The policy limit is $25,000 per injury medical maximum.  Coverage is secondary/excess to any other valid and collectible insurance carried by the parent/guardian.


The new program intends to assure that all eligible students in MSHSL member schools receive prompt and professional attention for head injury events. Accident medical deductibles and co-pays left unpaid by other insurance policies are reimbursed under this program to the limits of the policy. 



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