Fillmore Central Schools - Update 8/17/20

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students:

Following Governor Walz directives and mandates, Fillmore Central has created three instructional plans: In Person Learning, Hybrid Learning, and Distance Learning. Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) collaborated to create guidelines and requirements that we will follow during the 2020-2021 school year. The goal is to have as much in person teaching for our students that we can, following the guidelines that MDH and MDE have provided. The intent of our plans for the school year is to be ready for different styles of learning due to MDH and MDE mandates. Our goal is to have a smooth transition into different learning models throughout the school year.

Fillmore Central School Board approved the In-Person Learning Plan as the plan that we will begin the year with on September 8, 2020. If Fillmore County COVID numbers increase and we are required to begin in a different learning plan we will communicate with all of the families in our district.

Our In-Person Learning Plan is close to our traditional model that all students and families are accustomed to with a few exceptions that have been mandated by MDH and MDE. The other exception is our plan for our high school students to have Distance Learning every Wednesday of the 2020-2021 school year.

Our Hybrid Learning Plan will also be similar to our elementary students In Person Learning Plan with unique scheduling for our high school students. Following MDH and MDE guidelines we will need to have a stringent policy on the amount of spacing between everyone and the amount of people that will be allowed in our buildings at one time during this specific plan.

Our Distance Learning Plan will be similar to what Fillmore Central experienced last spring with multiple improvements to our day-to-day operations. We are hopeful that the amount of time we will spend in our distance learning plan will be quite minimal this year, but once again we will follow the guidelines set by MDH and MDE.

Regardless of which plan we are in during the school year, all families have the right to request distance learning. We will require a written request by each family that is choosing distance learning for their children, due to COVID-19 concerns. We will also work with families if during the year families change their decision to join in person or move to distance learning. We may need a period of time to accommodate a change of venue, but we will work with each family individually.

We are developing multiple strategies to create the best and safest learning environment for all our students and staff. We will continue to follow all state guidelines and mandates as we progress throughout this school year. We are hopeful that changes and modifications due to the COVID-19 Pandemic are for this academic year only, but we will always strive for the safest learning environment.  The next pages of this document illustrate the steps we are taking to help ensure the safety of students and staff along with some of the differences that you and your children can expect to experience at the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

Listed below are names of individuals that are ready to answer your questions about our plans/strategies:


Elementary Questions: Jim Peters, Elementary Principal,

Chris Mensink, Dean of Students,

High School Questions: Heath Olstad, Superintendent/7-12 Principal,

Athletics/Activities: Chris Mensink, Activities Director,

Special Education: Micki Breitsprecher, SPED Director,

Technology Questions: Aaron Janssen, Tech Director,

Community Education, Preschool, ECFE, SACC: Angi Kaase, Community Education Director,

Any additional questions, Heath Olstad, Superintendent/7-12 Principal,

Please refer to this plan frequently, changes will be made as we receive updated information and new guidelines/mandates for MDH and MDE. 

The start of a new school year always brings excitement to all that are involved with Fillmore Central.  Our goal is to have our students experience a wonderful year of learning, interacting with friends and staff, respecting each others’ space, willingness to follow all the requirements to allow us to be back at school, and finding a way to continue to be able to report to school throughout the year even with the COVID-19 Pandemic concerns and guidelines. 



Heath Olstad,  

Superintendent / 7-12 Principal

Contact: Heath Olstad
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