K-2 grade (Links are in purple) 

①  Mindfulness

Practice being mindful and letting your attention rest on just this moment.

Watch on Go Noodle: From Mindless to Mindful 

Watch on YouTube: From Mindless to Mindful

②  Make a List!

Write a list of the stuff you are good at!

Write a list of ten things that would make you say “Ugh!”

Write a list of ten things that would make you say “Yes?”

③   I’m Special!


Draw a picture of yourself!


Think about all the ways you are special.


For more activities:  Something Special about Me!

④ Focus and Breathing


Focus your breathing and settle your swirling thoughts in this calming mindfulness exercise. 


Watch on Go Noodle: Swirling

Watch on YouTube: Swirling

⑤  ★ Move the Body


Sing and Dance along to this pattern song by Blazer Fresh! 


Banana Banana Meatball Dance and Move


⑥ Feelings and Faces

Explore how you feel after reading different situations.


Handout: Feelings (PreK to Grade 2)

⑦  Take a Breath

Feel more settled and calm by spending a few minutes focused on your breathing.


Kids Meditations from Stop, Breathe & Think


Use these illustrated   Breathing Games to practice.

⑧  My Calm Place

Get some paper, a pencil, & crayons. Think of the most calm, peaceful place you have ever been or ever seen. Picture yourself in that place.  

Describe or draw what it Looks Like, Sounds Like, Smells Like, Feels Like. 

Remember, you can return here when you are feeling stressed or worried. Keep this picture with you.

⑨ Using My Five Senses


Watch The Five Senses Video


Detective Sense! Station Set-Up activity.

source: Minneapolis Schools

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