Grades 3-6 (Links in Purple)

①   Be Grateful


Watch these videos Grow Gratitude and Be Grateful


Write:  Make a list 10 things you are grateful for.  Include a person you know. Tell someone why they are on your list.

②  Focus


Feel more settled and calm by spending a few minutes focused on your breathing.


Click here:  Kids Meditations from Stop, Breathe & Think


Use these  4 Breathing Cards to practice without the videos. 

③   I Am Special

  • List all the ways that you are special.  

  • List all the ways that someone else is special.


Click Here: Peace Begins with Me.  

④   Mindfulness 


Practice being mindful and letting your attention rest on just this moment.


Click here to watch on Go Noodle: From Mindless to Mindful 

Click here to watch on YouTube: From Mindless to Mindful

⑤★Breath & Movement


Learn how to raise your energy and face your day with this empowering Rainbow Breath exercise.


Click here to watch on Go Noodle: Rainbow Breath

Click here to watch on YouTube: Rainbow Breath

⑥  Move the Body


Use this energetic video from Go Noodle to move the body and Spread Love with Zumba Kids!


⑦  Growth Mindset


A growth mindset means we believe that our abilities and our intelligence can be improved upon with the right strategies and efforts. 


Click here to learn more!

⑧  Positive Thinking


Think about something that is hard for you to do. Write about it or draw a picture. Then try using these
Mindful Affirmations.  How does the affirmation make you feel?


⑨  My Values


Use the ideas on this link to make a list of your most important values and tell someone why they are important to you.


Click here: My Values

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