Grade 7-12 (Links in purple)

①  Growth Mindset

A growth mindset means we believe that our abilities and our intelligence can be improved upon with the right strategies and efforts. 

Look up different Growth Mindset tools to help challenge your thinking.



②    Focus


Feel more settled and calm by spending a few minutes focused on your breathing.


Use these 4 Breathing Cards to practice deep breathing

③  Self-Awareness


Self-Awareness is the ability to accurately recognize one’s own emotions, thoughts, and values, and how they influence behavior.


Use this reflection tool to build your Self-Awareness.

④ The Power of Gratitude


⑤ Appreciate Nature

Think of the times you enjoyed a great sunrise or sunset, took a hike, rode a bike, played in the snow, or took a walk.  Remember how it felt? There is something to our relationship with the outdoors that makes us feel good. Find time to enjoy nature today.

⑥ Unconscious Biases


Can you combat your unconscious biases?

Watch the link and tell someone about two important things you learned.

⑦  Finding Happiness

Each day for two weeks think of three good or positive things you did or noticed and write them down. Start on the day of the week it is for you and fill out each day until you’ve completed one week, then move on to the next week! Use Three Good Things Worksheet as a guide. 

⑧  Sleep Tracker

When you go to bed at night check the clock or the time on an electronic device. Do the same when you wake up in the morning. Record the following for a week: 

  1. The time you went to bed.

  2. The time you woke up 

  3. How much did you sleep each day?

  4. What things may have affected my sleep?

⑨ Enhance Your Wellbeing


You’re in charge! Learn how a holistic approach to wellbeing can help you find balance in your life.

Take a self assessment.

Set a goal, write it down and tell someone what it is.  Check back in with yourself each day this week.  

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