As we continue through another school year with COVID restrictions, the Fillmore Central School Board supports a change to our quarantining plan. Starting on Monday, February 14, 2022 any student or staff in the Fillmore Central School System, including One Block At A Time/Daycare and PreK - 12th grade, that tests positive to COVID will now need to complete 5 days of quarantining counting the day of the test, instead of 10 days. The individual may return on the 6th day following testing positive to COVID, but must follow the guidelines listed below:

1) Symptoms improving with no fever

2) Wear an appropriate mask/face covering for the next 5 days

We will also be revising the close contacts guidelines for One Block At A Time / Daycare to match the PreK-6th grade guidelines. Families can choose from one of the four choices below:

A) Quarantine for 5 days, negative test, No symptoms - may return

B) Quarantine for 10 days, No symptoms - may return

C) Wear a mask/face covering for 5 days while attending, no symptoms, negative test

D) Wear a mask/face covering for 10 days while attending, no symptoms


Please contact Angi Kaase with any questions in regards to this revised close contact plan for the One Block At A Time / Daycare Area.


Any student in 7th -12th grade participating in a MSHSL Activity, and any elementary student participating in youth sporting activities will continue to follow the MSHSL guidelines which is: Students cannot participate until Day 11, following a positive COVID test result.



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